Using KohaILS ? Better update it from time to time or be left behind!

Earlier in the day, young Sandeep pinged me with a question:

Can I add additional, separate columns of information to this table on the screen?

The screen he referred to was this one:


As regular readers of this blog are know well by now, for any question about Koha, the very first piece of useful information is what is the version of Koha in this case?. Sandeep replied back saying it was “3.20.02”! I was like “Hmmmm! That’s a bit old…”

With two major versions of Koha coming out every May and November respectively, every major Koha version usually have a supported life cycle of about 18 months. The 3.20 series was launched in May 2015. Thus Sandeep’s Koha instance at nearly 24 months old, was already out of support lifecycle for nearly 6 months.

I pointed Sandeep to bug number 10855“Custom fields for subscriptions”. This feature to add custom fields to serial subscriptions became a part of Koha with the release of version 3.22 on Nov 26, 2015 (See and look for “Custom fields for subscriptions (bug 10855)” under Serials).

Had his Koha been updated at anytime during the last 1 year, he would have found that the featured he wanted already built-in.